Draw is Good 

Draw's just-released Three album brings three original members together for seven new dark and noisy songs.

Draw came together in Boise in the early 2000’s with Brian Hunt, Brian Taylor, John McMahon, Todd Chavez and Greg Hahn playing and arranging Brian Hunt's songs. They released Fun to Fall in 2001, played a bunch of fun local shows, got to tour the West as opener for Built to Spill, recorded the as-yet-unreleased Dead to Me Now in 2003 and then took a break as a band when someone moved to Portland. 

That was then. Now, Brian Hunt, Brian Taylor and Todd Chavez made a new album, Three. Third time Draw is three players, three rehearsals, seven new songs together in the studio. . Fun to Fall and Dead to Me Now are getting remastered for digital release sometime 2024.

Draw plays dark and noisy songs.

Songwriter Brian Hunt is a singer, guitarist and noisemaker. Steeped in old-school country songs and hymns of rural Pennsylvania, he found salvation in the raw expression of punk and outsider music. Brian is still trying to forge sonic landscapes from dark, lonesome stories and kinetic guitar energy.

Brian Taylor plays bass, harmonica, backup vocals, guitars and has an ear for arrangements. Really, he’ll play anything and make you believe he should. Brian cut his teeth with Gladys, writes and plays his own songs with Lefternmost and T.V. Citizen.

Todd Chavez plays drums. He has a long history of making rhythmic noise — from rock, blues, and country music to dance and musical productions. He’s recorded and toured with Ned Evett, plays for The Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Todd blames his percussive vocation squarely on his parents, who bought him a drum set at the tender age of 10. Hasn’t stopped since.

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